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Earth Hour – Letting the planet catch its breath.

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Earth Hour is celebrating its 10 year anniversary today, an Australian borne idea to tackle climate change by turning off power sources for one hour and letting the earth take a breather. The idea grew quickly and is now celebrated in 172 Countries and over 7,000 cities and town around the globe, with 50-100 million participants. Crazy!! It seems looking after the planet is high on lots of people’s agendas – and with finding renewable energy supported for some time by the government, 1 in 7 Australians now have solar panels on their roofs. Go Aussie Go!

As it has gained momentum, Earth Hour has delivered astounding results for our planet. Last year the world came together to bridge differences and develop a landmark global agreement in Paris to tackle climate change. 3.4 million hectares of marine parks have been protected in Argentina, in Uganda an Earth Hour Forest has been established and there is now a ban on plastic bags in the Galapagos Islands.

It is the most simple thing you can do to help. Turn off your power at home, work or wherever you are from 8:30-9:30pm, tonight, talk to your partner (or TALK to your partner *wink wink*), play with your kids, your dog, sit outside and watch the stars, take a walk – live in the moment! While you disconnect from technology, you might discover the power of real connections and in the process help move towards less pollution, a clean energy future and maintaining our great Aussie outdoor lifestyle.

A choir cannot sing without voices and every individual voice, plays it part – play your part in the Earth Hour chorus and keep up this unstoppable momentum for our planet. Let’s keep it rolling and join The 'That Red House team' in Earth Hour tonight.


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