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The Real Horror This Halloween - The Scary Truth About Our Health & Planet

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Today is Halloween, with its scary movies and trick or treat traditions. But given the current state of our planet, it’s clear the real horror story is happening here and now, on our own doorstep, right in front of our eyes.

Our oceans are drowning in plastic, our waste infrastructure is an overwhelmed and overflowing monster, and we are facing a state of severely damaging climate change, according to the latest reports. 

We’ve teamed up with The Clean Collective to hijack Halloween and put the spotlight on some of the most terrifying truths about the current state of our planet, in a bid to drive discussion and help Australians channel their fear into making positive change as a collective.

Despite these scary facts, there’s hope.

“We believe we can only be as healthy as our planet. But we also believe every single tiny positive change each person makes to reduce their impact on the environment is a huge deal, if we all do it together,” says Charlie Thompson, Co founder of The Clean Collective.

“For example, if we all switched from disposable coffee cups to reusable ones, we would stop 500 billion single-use coffee cups entering landfill each year. Small positive changes like this quickly become habits, especially when armed with the right tools and information. These habits, when made as a Collective, can make a huge, champagne-popping difference to the world.”

Georgia Lawson, Co-Founder of The Clean Collective, adds: “It’s so easy to be terrified into inaction by the scary truths we see on the news every day. Trying to fix the big picture can feel impossible. But we want everyone in Australia to feel empowered to take these small steps, encourage others to do the same and feel proud that they are making a difference, together.”

We’re with them!

Are you?

Remember, every natural, organic and zero waste solution you choose to use is a vote for a better future.

Let’s do this together!

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