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Slow Living....or as we like to say A Flow State !

Years and years ago in the days of share-houses and uni, I was amused by one of my house-mates, Amber, who was far more organised than me. She would buy her weekly budget of food at the markets in the city, prepare and chop all her fruit and veggies into containers for the week, then rinse the plastic bags and hang them on the line to dry. I thought she was a bit mad!!

I realise now, she was ahead of her time and had a perfect weekly Flow, that allowed her to Refuse more plastic, Reuse what she had and thereby Reduce waste. It was perfect!! It was easy!! And an action like this can be the start of your Flow….We all know, you need to start where you are, do what you can and learn as you go! Flow!


Think about the Flow state. It has been shown that a creative Flow state requires slowing down, thinking deeply and full immersion into the activity. If we can all get a little bit more into our Flow state around the home, we can start a ripple effect for our neighbourhood, our town, the state, country and planet. A collective vision has so much more value and strength than that of the individual.

We all have the ability to become part of the solution to the climate emergency, and not part of the problem, by starting the Flow at home.

That Red House aims to be part of the solution. Our gorgeous Stainless Steel Pegs with their classic design, are walking out the door and will help you get into your Flow. No more disposable, plastic pegs. These guys will last a lifetime and are a pleasure to use.


No hair tie?...peg. No paper clip?....peg. No sticky tape?....peg. You get the idea. Their uses are only limited by your imagination.

Flow people’s somewhere between the fast and the like Amber.

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