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Plastic Free July…August, Sept. and so forth!

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There are 31 days in July....that's 31 chances where you can 'Choose to Refuse' single-use plastic....join the challenge by registering here -

Let's make some new habits during July that become lifelong, because who doesn't love something that’s attainable, sustainable AND has PURPOSE!!

Did you know our soapberries are packaged in recyclable, compostable cotton bags lined with recyclable paper….not a speck of plastic in sight…there’s your first win! They're attainable, sustainable AND have so many purposes!

Now then, it’s time to try a few of our ...........31 ways to make a plastic-free start.


10 in the Kitchen

Line your bin/basket with newspaper (getting a smaller bin also helps)

Make a Mother Broth with your Soapberries for plastic-free and chemical-free dishwashing/kitchen surface spray and for cleaning pots and pans

Ditch the ‘yello-belly-greenback’ and source a coconut husk scourer and use a natural fibre dish-brush with your Soapberry dishwashing liquid

Use glass containers for storage in the fridge (you can even use them in the freezer…carefully!) or your empty soapberry bag for your vegies

Linen serviettes….and just like that you’ve become gloriously posh!

Give baked goodies as gifts…or buy them from someone who bakes!

Wrap the school lunches (and yours) in beeswax wraps (thanks Wrappa reusable food wraps, we love you), purchase through That Red House

Set up a Separation Station to recycle at home

Take the 10c returnable bottle and cans to the scouts or recycling depots and claim your pocket money….spend it on a keep-cup, use it for your wine as well as your coffee and tea!

Use cotton dishcloths  or cut up old towels, they’re perfect and wash well in our soapberries, they’re anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.


10 at the Shop

Take a gorgeous bag with jars and containers to fill – you still might need a trolley. Peta over at The Swag has some fabulous options you can discover here

Buy in bulk stores, you don’t have to buy massive amounts, just take your own containers

Cheese – take a beeswax wrap or two from our mates at Wrappa and ask over the counter for a block of your favourite

Meat – yes you can take your own containers – they’ll get the hang of the tare…better still, label your jars with the tare weight

Milk – source the milk in glass containers (Schulz Organic Dairy now supply 4 states….get online)

Buy pasta in cardboard containers or make it at home

Choose unwrapped veggies and fruit

Choose a safety razor and buy blades, rather than plastic, disposable razors (Ugh! Disposable….that word hurts now!!)

Switch from liquid to bar soap and shampoos… more plastic bottles means less landfill

Buy toilet paper in paper, not plastic, be a roll model ;) ……….not my joke! (Who gives a Crap joke)


10 Food and drink

No straws please, lips were made first!

Take a keep-cup with you (have four if you need, one for the car, one for the office, one for the boat and one in your bag)

Refuse the disposable lid (if you h.a.v.e to buy)

Take a set of nice cutlery to work

Make a pot of tea rather than using teabags, or buy homemade tea bags to refill.

Always, always, always have a reusable water bottle

Invest in some reusable containers like a Tiffin box for Friday night plastic-free takeaway

Grow your herbs, maybe your veggies, try permaculture in your garden

Make sauces and chutneys….they keep in the pantry until opened

Go to your local farmers market, seriously local and deliciously fresh! This way you’re helping someone do a happy dance because they’ll be ecstatic that you bought the produce they grew

and number 31…We should be yelling this around the suburbs 31 times!!

'THERE’S NO PLAN B' know it!!!

Can you see a theme here? We need to return to the values and sense of our grandparents or great grandparents, who were from generations that were resourceful, careful and had a circular economy.

Reuse it or refuse it. Recycle or rethink our actions.

Take the challenge for a plastic free July, August, September and see what happens. Make a difference to the world in your small decisions simply by changing habits and routines. Remember it's our divine planet. 

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