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Our 'Living Room' love

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Sooooo a fortnight ago I flew to Sydney for something pretty freeeaking exciting. Okay…. like big time exciting.

As part of an acknowledgement of Earth Hour, Channel 10’s 'The Living Room' featured some environmentally friendly products to road test. And our divine little soapy balls of wonder were invited to join the partaaeee!!!

Get. The. F&*%. OUT!!!!

So I flew around in circles for a little bit, juggled my schedule, re-arranged days to wash my hair and jumped on a plane. I met Natalia, TRH business partner there (she lives in Sydney) and off we trotted… almost peeing our pants with anticipation, excitement, nerves and gratitude.

For those that haven’t watched the show, it’s hosted by Amanda Keller (top chick - had me starstruck) and trials new or niche products in front of a live audience. *Gnaws on nails* The three product testers Barry Dubois (that buff silver fox should actually be the winner - he is a HOT AF!), Chris Brown (bow-chicka-a-wow-wow) and Miguel Maestre (everyone loves a spaniard who can cook) are provided with a product to test on stage and the audience then vote on whether it is “Hot” or “Not”. Showcased alongside a Camelbak UV drink bottle (just a smallish company you may have heard of!!) and charcoal toothpaste, we had some stiff and well established competition. We had everything crossed the audience would find us as smoooooking hot as we know we are! But we know not everyone is an urban hippy. It could go either way.

Barry DuBois was given our berries to test. Phew!! – he is a sweety, a total silver fox and a bit of a greenie, so we had faith that he would do our beautiful little balls justice… and Barry baby didn’t let us down. He tested our berries by popping 5 into a jug of water and shaking it - they foamed up immediately - just like we would should Barry get hold of us!

No surprises from us on how well the berries performed in the demo! We know how ridiculously awesome they are -  but I’m sure this converted the audience.  A resounding HOT HOT HOT – the only one on night! BOOM!

Click here to watch the episode of Hot or Not, even if it is just to swoon over Barry *ahhhhhhh*.

Much love,

Talia x

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