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Why you need 'Wool Dryer Balls' in your life...

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Unfortunately, brass monkey weather is approaching. And yes, I agree, we were totally ripped off this summer. It was shit. What there was of it. It was barely here, before it left us again. Sunny evenings hanging out the washing until 9pm, will soon be a distant memory and the dryer will be getting a massive rev up – Noooooooooo!!!

In anticipation of this, we have expanded our range of balls and these ones are bigger, fluffier and softer than our soapberries. Oh and have a totally different function! While our small brown crusty soapberry balls are made for the washing machine, these bad boys are made for the dryer.

They’re made from 100% Australian Wool and when you pop them in the dryer, they reduce static, minimise the need for ironing and cut down the drying time of your load. The balls work their way between the sheets (don’t worry, you won’t have to put out) and move the clothes around agitating the load (possibly like your husband’s drunken maneuvrers) and create avenues for circulation. They will last about 10,000 loads. Shesh! Yes, you read that right. 10,000 loads (*ahhhem* unlike your husband!). They’re about the only thing in your life you will only have to buy once. You can even add a few drops of essential oils to the balls to scent your laundry. They look amazing and are great for the environment and your spare time!

We have a just released a bonus pack which includes a laundry tonic and wool dryer balls for $39.90 (RRP $49.90). A great idea for Mothers Day and we have free shipping Australia wide!

Get yours here...


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