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'Waste Free' is the new black...

Do you actually know what happens to your rubbish when you pop it out on the kerb and say goodbye to your week’s worth of filth? Life is mental – work, kids, meetings, appointments, food shopping, swimming lessons, birthday parties, music lessons, gym, holidays, blah blah blah… Garbage is one thing that is easy to not have to think about. Fill bin. Leave kerbside. Walk away. Job done! Now what to make for dinner?? We are all guilty of it.

It is sobering to delve deeper under the crusty scab that is our waste habits and realise our curb side bin park each week, affects the whole of planet *sheesh – pass me a wine*.  Our rubbish ends up everywhere – seriously freeeeaking EVERYWHERE. A massive portion breaks down into smaller, sometimes microscopic bits and pieces, or even worse degrades back down to its chemical components and there is absolutely no way to contain the spread (faaaaaaark!). The thought of this is making me want to refill my wine glass. We are all breathing this in, absorbing it into our bodies and it is resulting in massive health issues for humans, animals and our environment.

So how the hell do we change how we function in a ‘throw away’ society? Living ‘waste free’ might seem like a far fetched hipster lifestyle choice, but it is seriously something we all need to look at. We live disposably, it has been ingrained in us and for the last few generations, it is the only way they know; always upgrading phones, tablets, cars, gadgets and that’s just the expensive stuff. We are constantly buying, buying, buying, then… throwing, ditching, upgrading. How do we ‘unlearn’ so many habits that have contributed to the monumental problem that lay before us. 

Start simply and gradually…

Refuse what you do not need
- Say no to anything offered to you in your daily routine you do not need i.e plastic spoons, serviettes, shopping bags, flyers, junk mail and do you REALLY need that receipt? 

Reduce what you do need
- Write a shopping list to your phone, it will save paper and chances are you won't leave it at home! Stick to the list, you will save time, money and your waistline will thank you for it. The less you bring in, the less will go out.
- De-clutter! Donate to op shops and recycle. The less clutter you have, the less cleaning you will need to do and someone else will find love in your excess.

Use re-usables
- Swap: Tissues for handkerchiefs, plastic bottles for re-fillables, serviettes for cloth napkins, paper towel for rags, containers for plastic wrap, disposable nappies for cloth and buy in bulk food stores with glass jars… it goes on and on.
- Use containers or bento boxes to transport your lunch
- Use a wax wrap or plate to cover food instead of plastic wrap

Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse
-  Consider recycling a last resort. Have you refused, reduced, or reused first? Question every purchase you make, shopping is voting.
- Buy primarily in bulk or secondhand. If you must buy new, choose glass, metal, or cardboard. Plastic is the environmental enemy, much of it gets shipped across the world for recycling and often ends up in the landfill (or worse, the ocean)!!

- Find a compost system that works for your home. Get familiar with what it will digest, dryer lint, hair, and nails are all compostable! Who knew?

We're doing our bit to help...
That Red House has just moved to all 'Waste Free' packaging. We are also supplying bulk food stores so you can weigh your own quantities and we have wooden storage boxes in our online store - for a modern, clean and stylish waste free way to store your soapberries.

“We have a responsibility to look after our planet. It is our only home”  - Dalai Lama

 Let’s listen to the Lama and start today - be part of the change!

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