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Soapberries and camping – the perfect companions.

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How do you keep clean naturally when camping this Easter? And no, we are not talking about the jokes around the campfire, we like them as dirty as possible!

Easter holidays are approaching and soon the camp grounds will be a sea of colourful tents, swarming with dusty kids, stray dogs, a million bikes, sauce covered sausages, a gazillion flies and loads of foil covered chocolate. If you plan to go away for Easter, chances are you will need to do a load or two of washing while you’re gone. There is no avoiding it. The dirt, the dust, the salty sea, muddy creeks, saucy snags and kilos of chocolate you will be ingesting are bound to cause some stains. It’s the beauty of Easter camping!!! I don’t know about you, but I like to wash while I’m away and pop the clothes straight into the wardrobe, rather than the laundry basket, when I get home. It’s one less job to do when the post-holiday blues are setting in!

Did you know you can be on top of your washing and use our Organic Soapberries 100% safely with zero environmental impact while you’re on holidays? Being a dried fruit they can be used without harming the environment, animals or fish. No matter where you are or how you use them, they’re in their raw state and breakdown naturally when discarded (in the bush or the bin) after use.

Our soapberries are ideal for handwashing while you’re away from home – or can be used in a front or top loader should you be glamping!

Some reasons to take soapberries on your next adventure…


  1. light-weight and compact. That’s more room for wine!
  2. waterway, grey water and septic safe. You can discard your washing water anywhere you like. It won’t kill a thing.
  3. completely compostable. Turf them anywhere and they’ll break down naturally.
  4. re-usable, five berries last five loads of washing. Means you can just take a handful with you. More room for wine!
  5. antibacterial, antifungal & hypoallergenic – so they will kill any living nasties naturally. Unfortunately, they aren’t strong enough to kill your snoring husband who is keeping the whole campsite awake.

Hand-washing instructions

  1. Fill your washing bucket with warm water.

  2. Pop 5 berries in the small cotton wash bag.

  3. Pop the wash bag with the berries in the warm water to release the saponin (natural soap) in the berries.

  4. Agitate the water to create bubbles and release more saponin.

  5. Add clothes to your bucket and hand-wash as normal.



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