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Tune in all Terry Tight Arses!

Are you a terry tight arse? SNAP! We are too! And usually, Maths isn't our forte... but when a sale, discount or price per use comes into play, we're all over it.

Okay, that's a lie... the calculator comes out.

We'd rather save coin on the things that don't give us pleasure and spend the savings on a holiday or something as equally pleasurable - some new shoes, a trip to the op shop or a dinner for two perhaps!

And just when you thought there was already enough reasons to love soapberries, we have another one for you. They beat every conventional brand of laundry detergent at price per wash, by a freeeeaking mile baby!!

Looking at these figures, Soapberries turn the theory on it's head that organic is always more expensive! 

If you needed a reason to change to soapberries and saving the earth and looking after your health aren't high on your list... then maybe we can get you over the line with the fact that they'll also free up cash for your spending pleasure. Double Boom!!

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