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Not all packing tapes (and plastics) were created equal!

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Here at ‘That Red House’ we are hot on reducing our footprint on the earth.
We have audited every step of the soapberry journey – starting with their harvest from the Himalayan treetops right through to their arrival at our front door in South Australia.

We amended certain steps to reduce our carbon emissions and our plastic waste, which is how we came to be 100% waste-free.

To pack our little balls of wonder into our cardboard boxes – we use Bio-Gone Tape, which is ‘landfill bio-degradable’. It has a patented additive to make it this way, meaning it will fully decompose under typical landfill environmental conditions. How cool is that?!

So here goes the science-y stuff on how this works...

Microorganisms in the landfill, break down the molecular structure of the plastic, producing a humus-like material which is a natural plant fertilizer.  This process only begins when the plastic is exposed to a microbe rich environment - like landfill!  Meaning it keeps its structure for the entirety of its life, until it is required to decompose! Is this not, the perfect biodegradable material?

The additive used, actually attracts the microbes to the plastic, so they seek it out straight away and start to digest it quickly. As part of the digestion process, the enzymes that the microbes secrete cause the plastic polymer molecules to break down into shorter chains, which the microbes can then begin to digest too.

The benefits of ‘Landfill-Biodegradable’ plastic:

  • They only start to breakdown when they’re required to – when they’ve hit landfill!
  • Consumers may not even know the plastic is landfill biodegradable – but that’s ok. No one needs to change their disposal habits, it will breakdown in landfill but can also be MAINSTREAM RECYCLED!!
  • There are no shelf life issues with the plastic  

Bio-Gone have an awesome range of other landfill biodegradable products – gloves, doggy do and nappy bags and more. Click here for their website.

Please note - this not a sponsored post – we just get a kick out of sharing the love of other like-minded companies who are trying to do there bit to make this planet a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable one.



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