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Keeping your organic fabrics, organic.

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So you forked out the dosh for high quality organic fabrics for your family – organic cottons for your bubs – (check out the divine Lulu in organic clothing from Aster & Oak), organic bamboo clothing for yourself and linens for your bedding because they feel freeeaking amazeballs and you want top shelf chemical free gorgeousness for your nearest and dearest. BUT did you know when you wash your clothes with traditional laundry detergents you are adding chemicals to your organic fibres? Things like Sodium Laurel Sulphate, bleaches, dyes, synthetic fragrances and zeolites, which can diminish the quality of your organic fabrics and be absorbed through the skin! This negates all of the reasons you purchased organic in the first place, right?! *SHOCK BLOODY HORROR* I hear you gasp!


To maintain the organic integrity of your fabrics and to avoid absorbing chemicals, there is only one choice in the laundry aisle and yes we may be biased, but here is why our Organic Soapberries are the only option. Strap yourself in for the sciency mumbo jumbo… Soapberries contain a natural soap in them called ‘saponin’ and when they hit water the saponin is released and breaks the surface tension of the water. This draws the dirt out of the clothing fibres, leaving them feeling soft and clean with no soap or chemical residue left behind to be absorbed into the skin or compromise the fabrics organic integrity.

Soapberries also have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and are sustainably grown. They are also one-third of the cost of the chemical stuff - so they also appeal to the tight arse in the household. The fact that they are so affordable also means more money to spend on your gorgeous organic fabrics. Double BOOM!

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