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Have yourself a Merry ‘Waste Free’ Christmas…



So every year we spend a fortune on shiny wrapping paper, gifts that are packed tighter than Freddy Mercury’s jeans, with foam and cardboard then bubble wrapped, plastic wrapped and shrink wrapped! So if they hit hurricane Katrina in their travels – there is no chance they can dislodge! Then there are the swing tags, ribbons, sticky tape and all of the trimmings we adorn our purchases with.

  1. SO. MUCH. WASTE!! And let’s face it…. The kids couldn’t give a shit!

Here are some ideas on how you can reduce the amount of waste you make this Christmas.

  • Gift wrap ideas
    - DON’T WRAP IT AT ALL… Yep you heard, pull it out of a bag… or hold it behind your back and pretend to be a magician! Abracadabra…. zero waste!
    - Use Newspaper, re-use kids artwork, junk mail, old fabric, old boxes, baskets, pillow cases or any other discarded cartons or items around the home… Get your head in the recycle bin!
  • Rather than sticky tape, use cotton, twine or anything biodegradable.
  • Swing tags
    - In true nanna style, cut the front off of your old Christmas cards and cut them into Christmassy shapes - attach them to your gifts; Voila!
  • Waste free gift ideas…
    - Organic Soapberries of course! Just in time for xmas, we have an Australian made re-fillable timber box, a waste free storage option which looks great on your laundry bench!


  • Give an experience, a membership to something (i.e zoo, museum, football team), a concert ticket, a festival experience or make a donation to a charity of your choice – you are only limited by your imagination people.
    - Personalised coupons are awesome too – donate your time to the exhausted Mum with 24 hrs babysitting service, a backrub, 4 hrs of household chores or a personal favourite - a day to one’s self (freeeaking invaluable!!)
    - Exchange a book with a friend, then discuss its contents over dinner or a drink down the track.

  • Re-usable gifts
  1. Cloth dish towels and/or napkins
  2. Battery recharger
  3. Cloth shopping bags
  4. Stainless steel water bottle or coffee cup
  5. Gifts made with recycled content
  6. Gift certificates or gift cards
  • Send an e-card
    - Unless you are a complete luddite – reduce your waste and your carbon footprint and send an e-card. They’re much easier to keep too – just click file, save!

  • Decorations
    Re-use a potted plant instead of cutting down a Christmas tree. Get the kids to make the decorations, consumable ones are cool such as a homemade gingerbread house. Vow to NOT buy any new ornaments!

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