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500g Organic Soapberries

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This is our medium sized bag of Soapberries, and like Goldilocks once said... it is 'just right'. It is a happy medium between 'super breeder family size 1kg bag' and 'single, party loving 250g size'. It is for normal folk who just want to ditch the plastic, chemicals and have nice clean clothing.


180+ washloads worth of Organic Soapberries
Includes one cotton wash bag.


Pop 5 berries in the cotton wash bag provided and double tie the top. If you like fragrance, add 4-5 drops of 100% pure Laundry Tonic and chuck it in the wash. 

After around 5 loads of washing, the berries can be added to the compost or garden to break down naturally.

- Hypoallergenic

- Biodegradable

- Vegan

- Chemical Free

- Raw

- Compostable

- Waste Free

- Australian Owned and Run

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