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10KG Bulk Organic Soapberries

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Whether you're a super breeder, a waste free warrior or someone who is simply watching their finances in these dodgy times... this mega 10kg bulk bag of Organic Soapberries is absolutely the way to go.

Use them for laundry, general cleaning or even make your own body wash products! The potential uses for these berries are literally endless. You could even divide them between a bunch of friends, and save a heap of cash! Cover all your bases and grab these while stock lasts.

Each bag comes with 50 x small cotton washbags, and will give you up to a whopping 4000 loads of washing. That works out to less than 10c PER WASH!! As long as they are stored in a cool, dry place, soapberries have an extremely long shelf life, so buy with the confidence that you will be able to use them up over time.


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