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Waste free Dishwashing bundle

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Includes a Stainless Steel soap cage and your choice of either Lemon Myrtle OR Pink Grapefruit waste free CHUNKY BLOCK. Simply run under water when filling the sink, or agitate through the sink full of water to impart a 100% natural, streak free dishwashing soap.

*CHUNKY BLOCK is palm oil free, 100% natural, antibacterial, plant based, vegan and contains certified organic soapberries for extra cleaning power.

Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil (Sodium cocoate), Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Sodium bicarbonate, Lemon Myrtle essential oil (Backhousia Citriodora) Soapberries (sapindus, mukorossi pericarp)

*Replacements for sale separately. 

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